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Before hiring Calabash roofing experts for a job, there are some questions that homeowners should know the answers to. The roof is one of the most important elements of any home, so homeowners need to be sure that that they hire the right professionals. Just because a roofer is labeled as a professional doesn't always mean that the homeowner can expect quality performance. Asking the right questions helps determine the difference between real professionals and average laborers.

The first question homeowners should ask is if the roofers are licensed in their states. Homeowners should only hire licensed roofers. Each state has its own requirements for obtaining a license. For example, a specific code may be required by one state or city but not another. It's also important for homeowners to ensure that the roofers' licenses are up to date.

Next, homeowners need to ask if the roofers have workers compensation insurance, a must for hiring reliable professionals. This insurance protects homeowners in case the roofers get hurt on their property. If the roofers don't have workers comp, the homeowners are required under premises liability to cover medical expenses. Most professional roofers have this insurance to provide piece of mind for their clients. Some unprofessional roofers, however, skip it because it's expensive, knowing that their clients will have to cover the bill if they get hurt.

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The next thing that homeowners need to know is if the roofers have general liability insurance. General liability insurance protects the property in the event of a mishap. An example of when this is helpful is if a roofer accidentally burns a section of a house while trying to weld something on the roof. Without general liability insurance, the homeowner is left paying for it.

Homeowners should also ask roofers if they are going to remove the existing roof covering. Homeowners want to hear that the roofer will do this. Roofers often attempt to save money by simply placing new shingles over old ones. Without pulling up the old shingles, however, there's no way to be 100 percent sure that there are no soft spots in the roofing deck.

Next, homeowners should ask the roofers if they will install drip edges on the new roofs. A drip edge is needed to ensure that a roof is taking maximum advantage of the gutter system. Without a drip edge installed, it's likely that the homeowner will experience some kind of water damage on the fascia.

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