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Calabash Roofing: Article About Prehiring Questions For Roofers

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When you interview local Calabash roofing experts to decide on the right company to repair or replace a roof, you may be unsure of what to ask. Here are some suggestions to help protect you and your property and ensure that you end up with a product you love.

First, you should be sure the business is licensed, bonded, and insured. This is an important factor that can give you peace of mind in several ways. You'll know that you're working with credentialed experts and that they'll pay their own medical bills or repay you for home damage if something occurs.

Asking what will happen with the old roof is an important question because there are some roofers who will build new roofs on top of old ones or who will charge more than they originally quote for roof removal and disposal. It is important to be able to remove roofing and see that all the plywood is replaced if it is damaged. It is also important to know the full cost of removal, repair, and replacement to accurately compare quotes. Finally, be certain that the quote includes disposal of old roofing materials instead of having to remove the waste yourself.

Drip edge or edge metal keeps water running along the edge of the roof from going into the underlayment and directs it into the gutters instead.

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This can also help prevent winter ice damming. Not all roofers do this step, but they will if you ask for it, or they will give you a good reason why they don't recommend it. Ladder stabilizers prevent all of the weight of heavy ladders from going directly to your gutters, and it protects them from falling. Asking for them will save you additional hassle and replacement in the future.

Another good question is about landscaping protection. During both teardown and building, there may be pieces of shingle, tar paper, and other materials that fall from the top of the roof to the ground. Your contractor will find a way to protect sensitive plants if you request it by either choosing a hardscaped area as the side to drop items or finding a better way to collect and dispose of waste.

Disposal containers are another point to bring up. Some roofers will rent a dumpster, and some may expect you to do this. However, it's best that the information is communicated explicitly to avoid confusion and delay work.

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