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The process of nailing down roll roofing is more difficult than one might think, even for experienced installers. The spacing of the nails has to be just right in order to provide adequate protection for the home. Also, all the nails must be driven into the roof without any angle. If this is not the case, the upper layer of the roof may come loose or allow water in. This situation is to be avoided at all costs, and an experienced Calabash roofing company will take careful steps to ensure that this does not happen.

The first thing the worker will want to do is ensure that the top of the house or commercial building is completely clean before laying the material. If it is not, it may not be watertight, even if the fasteners are driven in perfectly. Once the surface is clean, the installer will put down the top layer and start nailing it in.

The spacing of the nails is very important. The line of nails should start 3/4 of an inch from the edge of the roofing. They should be spaced exactly 6 inches apart.

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The roofer must nail the material in the "valleys" down first before moving on to the other parts of the roof. A valley is where two slopes meet.

Once the roofing material in the valley is secured, the roofer will lay the main layers of roofing. This is done horizontally, starting at the bottom of the structure. After the worker has laid the first sheet, he or she will nail it down on all sides except for the top. The bottom of the second sheet will overlap the top of the first, and the roofing nails will be driven through both.

The second sheet will be laid out on the roof in the same fashion as the first, but the worker will need to nail it down differently. The sides of the strip will be nailed down the same way as the first with the nails starting 3/4 of an inch from the edge and spaced 6 inches apart. The bottom edge of the sheet will be fastened down with great care as it overlaps the top of the first sheet. A skilled roofer must drive the nails straight through both sheets with great force; they must go well into the plywood sheathing to hold both sheets of roll roofing on securely. This process is repeated for all of the sheets of roofing.

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