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While green roofs are environmentally friendly and sustainable, they may not be allowed in certain neighborhoods. These roof types also require a flat surface, which may not be feasible for an existing house. When a living rooftop is not an option, homeowners can work with local Calabash roofing contractors to consider other choices. One of the most sustainable options is metal, which also happens to be a durable and long-lasting product.

Besides a green roof, metal is the greenest choice that is widely available for residential use. As a cool roofing material, metal is able to reflect most of the sun's infrared and ultraviolet energy back into the atmosphere. These effects are amplified with the use of a radiant heat barrier on the underside of the roof. Over time, this can yield considerable savings on a home's summertime air conditioning costs. The reduced electricity consumption lowers a home's carbon footprint and may make it more attractive with a higher resale value on the real estate market.

Another way that metal is a sound environmental choice is that it is infinitely recyclable. Many metal roofing panels are made of metals that have already been recycled. At the end of the roof's long life span, the panels can be recycled again. The fasteners are made of the same type of metal as the panels, which means that they can also be recycled.

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If a homeowner is interested in collecting solar power on the rooftop, a standing seam metal roof is easy to integrate with solar panels. Contractors can install panels on the southern and western sides of the roof, allowing the property owners to generate and store some of their own electricity. In most of the United States, a backup power source is still necessary due to cloudy days, but a homeowner could earn back the investment through lower energy costs. The photovoltaic cells are easier to build onto a metal roof as a retrofit compared to putting them onto other types of rooftops.

The long life span of metal roofing panels also makes them a sustainable choice. While a roof with asphalt shingles would typically need to be torn off and replaced after about 15 years, a properly maintained metal roofing system lasts for 50 years or even longer for copper roofs. The long life expectancy of a metal roof also makes it a good financial choice, especially if a homeowner plans to remain in the home for a long time. The annual cost of metal can be much lower than asphalt shingles.

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