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Steel roofs are affordable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance systems that are growing in popularity across the United States. Today's metal roofs offer a greater level of aesthetic appeal than those from just a generation ago. Steel is the most popular metal used in roofing due to its wide availability, low cost, and durability. Local Calabash roofing contractors can help guide homeowners interested in metal roofs and assist them in determining if such a product will meet their functional needs and desires for houses that look attractive.

Steel is known for its durability. It is heavier and thicker than aluminum and can easily resist impacts from wind, driving rain, and small hailstones. The panels can also resist strong storms and severe weather events that would damage most other types of roofing systems. Because bare steel is prone to corrosion and rust, it is usually coated with zinc to stop oxidation. A sealant is then applied on top of the zinc layer for more protection. Steel roofs can be recycled when they reach the end of their life spans, and most are created from at least 70 percent post-consumer waste metal.

Most metal roofing systems have another protective layer applied to their outer surface. This layer is designed to confer additional protection against weather, sunlight, and impact damage.

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An acrylic top coating is a popular choice because homeowners can choose the color. The most popular shade is white, which allows for the greatest amount of solar energy to be reflected back into the environment. Metal paints, clear sealants, and petroleum-based primers can also be applied to metal panels at the time of fabrication, during the roof installation, or as a retrofit.

If a homeowner does not want the extra coatings, stainless steel is another good choice. This material naturally resists corrosion, so it does not need any paints or coatings. Most manufacturers offer an optional terne coating with an alloy. The terne coating reduces the sheen of the steel so that it has a flatter, gray appearance. If the stainless steel is left bare, it is able to reflect nearly all of the sun's infrared and ultraviolet energy. This reduction of thermal transfer helps the house be more energy-efficient.

While there are many good reasons to install a steel roof, there are a few drawbacks to the material. Metal roofs are noisy when it rains. They do not have the classic look of slate, clay, or wood tiles. Some HOAs prohibit the use of metal roofs for aesthetic reasons.

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