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Calabash Roofing: Article About Considering Rooftop Accessories

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Your roof is meant to be a water-resistant surface that keeps all of the weathering elements outdoors. However, there are many items protruding from the rooftop, including your chimney. If you're thinking of adding any of these penetrations or other accessories to your roof, contact Calabash roofing professionals as a first step. It's possible to have many rooftop penetrations and still maintain a leak-free surface.

Before any accessories or penetrations are installed, roofers need to inspect the shingles. This inspection includes both a visual and physical evaluation. Contractors must verify that the shingles, underlayment and wood decking are in good shape. A strong rooftop can support additional accessories. If any sections display poor conditions, such as low-lying areas, contractors must repair those materials first. Declining roofs can break down much faster with added accessory weight unless they're properly repaired.

Many homeowners are opting for solar panel installations, and the rooftop is a perfect surface for sunlight collection. However, these panels cover most of the roof. After installation, it will take extra effort to inspect and fix the roof when problems arise. Ideally, you should invest in a roof replacement project before adding any panels.

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With a renewed roofing surface, your panels will have the support that they need as they save you money on electrical bills. Contractors can perform minor rooftop inspections in the future when they temporarily remove the panels.

When you have any penetrations installed, from a new attic ventilator to a skylight, ask a roofer to be at the property during the project. Skylight installers are professionals at their job, but the rooftop's care is a secondary concern. With both parties present during the installation, the penetration and rooftop can have a perfectly sealed joint.

Although the roof has ample square footage for additional accessories, refrain from installing too many features. Your roof is strong, but leaks can abound with extra penetrations in place. Rainwater will find its way into tiny crevices. Instead of adding the new satellite dish to the roof, consider another location that doesn't damage the shingles.

Your trusted roofing professional should visit the home several times a year in order to inspect the shingles and flashing. Although a minor storm may have just pushed through the area, roofing materials can still be damaged. Professionals may need to add a few dabs of flashing cement to your materials so that leaks can't grow over time. Consistent inspections and minor repairs make any rooftop a long lasting structure.

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