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If you need a new roof, cedar shake may be one of the materials you are contemplating. In addition to looking at cedar's benefits and drawbacks, you'll also want to evaluate its suitability for a home that's located in a coastal region. Your best bet for obtaining candid answers to your questions about cedar shakes is a reputable Calabash roofing contractor with previous experience installing this type of roof.

The use of cedar for making shakes and shingles dates back to long before man-made materials like asphalt became popular. This is because cedar trees are a resource that has traditionally been easy to renew, and this sustainability makes cedar shake roofing an environmentally friendly option. Cedar's aesthetic qualities are what lead many homeowners to select it as a roofing material. It's not only beautiful, but it's also a time-honored choice for homes with historic or traditional architectural designs. Unlike other materials with appeal that deteriorates as the years go by, cedar ages very well. Its original color slowly transitions to a brown with grayish-silver overtones, making the roof and the home's appearance more charming over time.

Cedar is an excellent choice for houses exposed to humidity and salt air because it isn't affected by these as quickly as other wood types are. Since this material is resistant to high winds, wind-driven debris, and hail, cedar shake roofs perform well in areas where storms are commonplace.

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This ability to stand up to the elements is one reason well-maintained cedar shake roofs have been known to last 40 or 50 years. This is especially true when the cedar has been chemically treated and sealed before installation to repel insects, fungi, and ultraviolet light. Making sure shakes are fire-resistant is especially important because cedar, like all wood, is highly combustible.

Whether you ultimately opt for cedar shakes may be determined by the size of your roofing budget. Cedar roofs are expensive, and there are certainly less costly materials out there. In addition to the initial monetary outlay at installation time, you must also factor in long-term maintenance and other associated costs. Cedar roofs do require a good bit of care. They must be regularly cleaned, and it's especially important to prevent leaves, branches, and other debris from accumulating on the rooftop. This may include spending on a tree trimming service if this isn't the type of job you feel you can handle yourself. Yearly power washes are often recommended as is killing moss by occasionally applying chlorine bleach and water solutions. Reapplying protectants and sealants may also be necessary every few years.

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